Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I trust this Trade Up programme?

A: HTC has selected Clover Environmental Solutions to fully administer the HTC Trade Up programme. Clover has more than 20 years' experience evaluating and trading in used electronics. Clover will provide the maximum Trade Up value for your used phone.

Q. How does it work?

A: Simply start the process by selecting your qualifying used smartphone and answering a couple of questions about it. We'll then give you an estimate for your phone. Next buy a new HTC phone and send in the required information. You will receive an email with instructions for packaging and mailing in your old device.

Q. How do I get paid?

A: Once Clover verifies the phone you're trading in meets the requirements, they will send you an email confirming the amount payable and asking for your preferred payment method. We will ask for your bank details to make your payment via BACS or send you a cheque if you prefer. We will automatically send a cheque if we do not hear from you within a reasonable time. Please note the cheque is issued mailed from Clover Environmental Solutions, not HTC.

Q. How long is my quote valid for?

A: Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Q. What happens with my smartphone once I mail it in?

A: Clover will either resell, refurbish or recycle the device. Clover employs a zero tolerance landfill policy.

About Trade Up Values

Q. How is my Trade Up value determined?

A: Your Trade Up value is based on the current resale value of your specific device and it’s condition. Clover constantly analyses markets to ensure you get a fair Trade Up value. What's your phone worth? What's your phone worth? Find out!

Q. Will my Trade Up estimate ever change?

A: Yes, the estimated value is only valid for 30 days. As long as we receive your used device within 30 days of the initial estimate, and the phone is in the condition you indicated then your quoted value remains the same. After 30 days the quoted estimate is subject to change upon final verification.

About Acceptable Products

Q. What if my phone's condition differs from what I represented?

A: Clover reserves the right to recalculate the value of any device. You are under no obligation to accept the recalculated estimate and no trade is final until you have mailed us the device.

Q. Does a damaged product qualify for a Trade Up?

A: Yes, some devices may contain physical or functional defects and still qualify. Answer the qualifying questions are part of the Trade Up process to obtain an accurate price.

Q. Should I send in my phone's accessories?

A: No accessories apart from the battery and back cover are required. Please do not send cables, chargers, boxes or manuals.

Q. Can I Trade Up more than one item?

A: Yes, however you must complete one Trade Up form per device time and have individual proof of a new phone purchased for each Trade Up device you submit.

Q. What about my personal data on the phone?

A: It is best to clear any personal data from your device before sending it in. Once a phone is sent it cannot be returned. Any SIM or Memory cards received with devices are removed and destroyed.

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